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Parkings at Prague Vaclav Havel Airport

Traveling is the desire to gain new experiences, to get to know interesting places and people, and to fulfill one's dreams. It is also for many, a way to live a happy life and realize yourself in specific situations. In this activity, it significantly supports the availability of modern and traditional means of transport, such as cars, bicycles, trains and planes, the latter of which allow you to almost instantaneously reach your destination.

Airports serving various types of aircraft are usually located near large cities - this is due to concern for the safety of travellers and getting to the aircraft as soon as possible. This also works the other way round - once you arrive at your destination airport, getting to the city centre is much easier and much simpler than if the airport was located on a remote periphery.

Parkings at Prague Airport

European airports are built for the greatest comfort of travelers, so there is a large and monitored parking lot near each airport, meeting all safety standards. Prague Airport Camera is one of the most well guarded public buildings.

One of the airports with the status of an international airport is Prague Czech Airport. This airport was built in 1933 and over the years it has been expanded and modernised to its present state. There are three runways, two of which are made of specially hardened concrete, while the third, the shortest, made of asphalt concrete, is no longer used. The airport has terminals, the main one being the northern terminal (Sever).

How do you get to the parking lot at Prague airport?

The Prague Ruzyne Airport is located about ten kilometres from the centre of Prague, and the number of passengers served by it is calculated to be about thirteen million people per year. In 2012 the airport was named after the late Czech President Vaclav Havel.

Prague airport is surrounded by a well-developed infrastructure, in which modern, very capacious Prague car parks located within it deserve special recognition.

Reach to Prague Airport

Yes Prague airport and parking are located to the northwest of Prague, so it doesn't take too long to get to the city. The well-developed road network allows for fast and safe driving. You can get to the airport by your own transport or by public transport, i.e. buses and subway.

Cheapy and safe parking Vaclav Havel Prague

P>Parking at Prague Airport is a safe place to station the vehicles of passengers going on short and long journeys thanks to the monitoring system. The Prague Airport camera is guarded around the clock with modern electronic equipment.

The surface of the car parks is specially hardened and at the same time very even and smooth, which ensures not only pleasant driving, but also great walking comfort.

Competitive prices and high standard of services put the Prague airport car park at the forefront of this type of facilities. It is also worth noting that the parking fees for Prague airport do not include any hidden costs.

How to make a parking reservation Prague?

Reservation of a parking space for the Prague parking lot is extremely easy and quick; in order to make the reservation process easier for travellers, the whole process is done using a form on the PARKLOT.


Thanks to very clear information and uncomplicated instructions, the reservation can be done in a few minutes. Payment can also be made remotely, by bank transfer or other electronic form.

It should be noted that when you cancel the car park, all payments already made are cancelled.

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