General Remarks

Official economy car park at Katowice-Pyrzowice airport. The car park is unguarded, intended for long-term parking, located 300 m from departure terminals A and B.

Tutorial for PARK LOT service customers. 1. After reaching the entrance barrier to Parking P2, press the button on the entry column and collect the parking ticket - the barrier will then open (please do not scan the codes shown on the confirmation as they are not active in the parking system). 2. When leaving Parking P2, you must present the parking ticket to the cash desk service of the car park on the day of arrival and the confirmation of the booking of the service from the PARK LOT or system. Please prepare the necessary documents in advance to enable efficient checkout service at the exit of the parking lot.

If you have any questions, please contact the P2 Pyrzowice car park at +48 32 39 27 469

If you have any issues leaving, contact the car park staff via the intercom quoting your Parklot booking number. Do not re-pay the booking.



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Radovan Mikulas

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07.01.2023 11:11

Oleksandr Kravchenko

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03.01.2023 14:00


11.12.2022 11:14

Yury Zhuravlev

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28.08.2022 11:12

Tomasz Zembaczynski

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27.08.2022 11:38


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23.08.2022 18:22

Lubomir Malicek

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missing information regarding the parking.

05.08.2022 13:29

Georgios Fragkiskatos

01.08.2022 12:16


12.05.2022 11:11

Viktor Rolik

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Dobry wybór, blisko od terminału, 6 min na piechotę.

08.05.2022 16:17

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Legal information

Fulfilling the obligation provided for in art. 12a para. 2 and 4 of the Act of 30.05.2014 on consumer rights (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 287), the Service Provider hereby informs You about the division of obligations related to the parking service agreement concluded through the Service between the Service Provider and the entities who are the owners of the car parks presenting their offers on the Service of the Service Provider. At the same time, we indicate that all offers available on the Service of the Service Provider come from entities being entrepreneurs.

The role of the Service Provider is:

  1. Placing in the Service parking service offers in the wording provided by parking owners or persons responsible for cooperation, including prices. The Service Provider does not have any influence on the amount of the above-mentioned prices, does not modify them, and always provides the most current prices available from the Car Parks and Partners.

  1. Providing travelers by e-mail with the following information concerning the main characteristics of the service:

  • Parking location, contact details for Parking service;

  • Information about transfers, or their absence, in particular their duration;

  • all facilities offered by the Parking;

  • language requirements in case the use by the traveler of certain parking services will depend on effective verbal communication;

  • information on the availability of parking services for persons with reduced mobility, as well as, at the request of the traveler, precise information on the possibility of adapting them to his needs.

  1. Placing in the Service information about:

  • the price of the parking service and the method of payment;

  • the type of additional costs that the User may incur;

  • the User's right to terminate the parking service agreement during the time provided for in the Service Regulations before the commencement of the parking service;

  • trade name, address, directions and parking hours.

  1. Enabling reservation and purchase of parking service and additional services offered by Parking.

  1. Enabling the purchase of insurance for the parking service offered by an external Partner not party to the Parking agreement - Inter Partner Assistance S.A.

  1. Providing individual commercial information about offers to Users who have contacted the Service by e-mail.

  1. Handling User Agreement-related services, including in particular the transfer of booking information from Parking and transfer of information from the insurance company, if purchased by the User.

  1. Enabling the User to make changes to the reservation during the time specified in the Regulations, providing all other information influencing the performance of the parking service, as well as support in communication between the User and the Parking during the parking service.

  1. Handling complaints related to the Service's own activities and services provided, in particular the sales process - correctness and quality of service in the sales process of services available in the Service's offer and post-sale service.

The role of the Parking is:

  • providing the Service Provider with parking offers, including information on the price of the service, in particular parking of the car on the parking lot and the prices of additional services used by the User;

  • providing the Service Provider with data and information necessary for the performance of parking services;

  • providing the Service Provider with presentations of parking and shuttle photos in the offers delivered to the Service Provider;

  • proper performance of the Agreement concluded with the User;

  • Wyłącza generowanie faktur za parkowanie na koniec miesiąca

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