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Airport Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic

The airport of Karlovy Vary is located in the Czech Republic in Olšová Vrata, about six kilometers from the center of Karlovy Vary. Karlovy Vary Airport is the fourth largest airport in the Czech Republic in terms of passenger traffic. This high position is determined by its convenient location, good technical condition, short distance from the city, which is a world-famous spa and tourist facility, as well as its importance in the region and proximity to the border with neighboring countries.

There are three duty-free stores in the airport departures hall with the following assortment: cigarettes and cigars, alcohol, sweets, perfumes and small gifts. A snack bar is also available there. At the airport you can also use free wi-fi, which is available in the arrivals hall, departures hall, public hall and restaurant. The panoramic terrace offers enthusiasts the opportunity to observe the traffic at the airport. Taking photographs is not prohibited in this case.

How to get to Karlowe Wary Car Park?

There are many ways to get to the parking lot of Karlovy Vary Airport depending on personal preferences. When travelling by car from Karlovy Vary and Prague, take the road number 6 (E48) near the golf course Golf Resort Karlovy Vary. Then turn into Hornicka street to enter the town of Olšová Vrata.

The airport can be reached by road Revolucni and Rybnick. If you use public transport, you can get to the airport by bus line 8, running regularly according to the schedule available on the website.

The official parking lot of Karlovy Vary

The main building of Karlowe Wary International Airport is located opposite the main building, both short and long term car parking. The parking spaces are properly marked. The closest to the airport building are spaces for the disabled. Parking is unguarded.

Short- and long-term parking at designated official parking lots is completely free.

Cheap and safe parking lot Karlowe Wary

The parking lot at Karlovy Vary International Airport is located opposite the main airport building. Short and long term parking at designated official parking lots is completely free. The parking lot at Karlowe Wary Airport is a safe place to leave your car because of the proximity of the main airport building, whose area is understandably under constant control and protection. Thanks to this you can enjoy your journey without worrying about the safety of the car left behind.

Karlovy Vary airport offers travelers a fully free parking lot, where leaving the car does not require prior reservation.

Reach the town of Karlovy Vary

The bus transport to the town of Karlovy Vary is provided by the Karlovy Vary Transport Company, a.s., line number 8, which runs regularly from the airport. There is a cab stand outside the airport terminal. The airport has no official cab carrier. All information about the courses can be obtained at the following telephone number: +420 353 360 611.


At Karlowe Wary airport there are also car rentals for local companies such as Alimex CR, Quatromarket and Golem.

How to book Karlowe Wary parking lot?

The parking space at Karlovy Vary Airport is reserved using the form available on the PARKLOT website. This form should include the date and time of arrival and departure. After filling in and sending the reservation form, the traveler receives a confirmation by SMS.

This confirmation is also sent to an e-mail address, which must be printed and presented in the parking lot. Reserving a parking space in this way relieves the logistical issues associated with travel and allows you to focus on what is most important - the joy of discovering new places.

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