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Flight Pardubice in Czech Republic

The Pardubice Airport in the Czech Republic is located in a historical area for the country. It was from this area that in 1911 engineer and aircraft designer Jan Kašpar took a pioneering flight to the capital Prague. It was not only the first flight of the engineer with a self-constructed machine, but also the first flight to the skies in the country. Today, there is a modern airport in this place, which receives over 184 thousand passengers annually. To commemorate the airman who started long distance flights in the Czech Republic, the terminal building built several years ago was named after him.

How to get to Pardubice Czech Republic?

The Pardubice Airport is located about 125 km from the Czech capital. From Prague, the most convenient way is to take the E67, then after passing Krásnice turn to road 35 and then to road 37. Other access roads are road no. 2 from Nové Dvory or 36 from Holice.

Parkings at Pardubice Airport Czech Republic

The company Parklot, a market leader offering safe and comfortable parking lots located at the most important airports in European cities, allows you to use its services also in Parubice. The entire parking space is fenced and continuously monitored 24 hours a day.

Free official parking Pardubice Czech Republic

The airport in Pardubice offers two parking lots, where parking does not require prior reservation. Both parking lots are also free of charge. Short-term parking at Kiss & Ride Czech Republic airport provides a maximum 20-minute stopover. The Czech Republic airport parking lot for long-term parking, only 100 m away from the terminal, has 650 parking spaces.

How to make a parking reservation Pardubice Czech Republic?

If you are one of those people who like to plan every stage of your journey carefully to avoid unexpected inconvenience, you will surely like the Parklot service. You can make a parking reservation long before your planned departure, and all the formalities can be easily handled online. On the website you should fill in the reservation form, stating the date and time of arrival and departure. This will allow you to take care of the logistic side of your visit, i.e. to bring a car with our driver, who will drive you to the terminal itself.

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